So… I am someone who tries to remain objective and have my own judgment and I try to see things as less-biased as possible. I, as a Seungri fan, was disturbed and confused as of how to see his accident and “interpret” what the video showed. But I could not (principally because of the fact I don’t drive myself), so I waited till the weekend to show to my father the video. He used to give driving lessons and is a professional driver and he surely showed me things I have not seen not even noticed all the times I saw the video. He has not even a slight idea the video I showed him was of Seungri nor who he is.

First I asked him the obvious question. Was he speeding? And he literally smiled and told me “No”. He estimates Seungri was going around 47-60 mph. Because the way he crashed onto the black car is too soft (merely a bump) and made a mild-damage to the bumper, opposite as what could have been if he was going faster. Something between the lines “spinning the black car” or “flipping over at the instant of the first crash” said my dad. Or wrecking all his bumper and hood when he first crashed and not until he stamped himself onto the concrete. I showed him images of the black car too, and the way the back bumper is merely but slightly damaged strengths his explanation.

The second usual question between netizens. Was he drunk or under the influence of something? And again the answer was “no”… he says you can notice if someone is intoxicated by the stability of the car. Seungri’s car is not zigzagging and keeps going straight between the line he was driving  until the crash happens, and even then the car keeps going straight and stable. There are no sharp or abrupt movements. Also, he told me, a drunk person has usually bad reflexes and does not tend to  hit the breaks or react as fast as Seungri did as shown in the video.

But the most interesting thing he pointed out is something that’s been ruled out in any report. He noticed it even the first time I showed him the video, and it is that the taxi that was going on the right line next to Seungri’s line actually made a wrong movement and should be considered to. The taxi ate the line during the curve. This movement as he explains to me is something professional drivers call as “blinding the view” or “deceive the perception” (in spanish is something as “cegar la visión”).
It means that the movement the taxi did made it seem as if he was going to cut into Seungri’s line. This movement made Seungri become more aware of the car lights and position (clearly because he got scared of crashing behind the taxi) and ignore for a moment the lines of the street. Because if you drive you know both things can’t be paid attention at the same time, less during night. So what Seungri did to try to dodge the car was (without moving too much the staring wheel as it is not needed when there is still some space between the car and the object to pass) moved to the right, but as he wasn’t aware of the lines of the street did not notice the street was actually turning.
A movement that usually would have ended as Seungri merely changing lines and dodging the car ended in him cutting through all the three lines of the street because obviously the street became “shorter” as it was no longer going straight. Why he did not notice? My dad says that specially during night and curves there tend to be a lot of “visual illusions” and “distractors”. The taxi acted as a distractor and “blinded” Seungri’s perception of the street, so he did all the movement thinking the street was still going the same direction as when he first started moving to the right. Unfortunately it was not and he ended crashing behind the black car and when Seungri noticed it, it was already too late. The impact made both the car bumpers become attached and then everything else happened. 
I want to share this interpretation from my father because I think it shows things that some netizens had been so kind to rule out. I don’t want to say by this that Seungri is completely innocent. Actually my father told me that what a driver would have done was merely reduce the speed and then change lines… and the fact Seungri try to pass without hiting the breaks was something a bit dangerous to do… but not reckless or murder-like. And the fact it seems to be in a highway makes it kinda explainable.
Again netizens will believe what they want to believe. I just want to share this opinion that comes from someone completely unbiased. Thank you, and hope this reaches some stubborn eyes and minds.
I’m attaching the video so you can judge by your own eyes. ^^ 

“(Shocked) Why do you ask that? Does it look like we don’t get along well? Seungri is my beloved little brother. I gotta take good care of him. I love him.”

— Taeyang (after a fan asked him if he was good w/ Seungri) (140820 Rise Tour in Kobe - transsusifg)

stay strong lee seunghyun, come back stronger than ever! <3


Seungri, the wonderful and playful maknae of my beloved BIGBANG, please get well soon. I worry about you every day and I pray for a speedy and healthy recovery. You’re always in my thoughts and heart.

Big Bang wins at World Music Awards!


BIGBANG’s new album supposedly released for this year will most likely be delayed; T.O.P explains why!

In an interview with Newsen on September 1, T.O.P started, “It’s been over three years since Big Bang released an album.”

Promoting as an actor and a member of Big Bang at the same time, T.O.P said, “To be honest, it’s hard for the members to gather all together since we’re busy. Big Bang got together at a concert that took place in China recently. As we ate together, we said, ‘Let’s really work on our songs.’ But I think it’d be hard to say whether we’ll be releasing a new album by this year or next year.”

T.O.P said, “Taeyang is carrying out a concert tour in Japan and Daesung will be releasing a new album in Japan next month and begin promotions. Seungri has also been promoting on Japanese broadcasts lately. Jiyong (G-Dragon) is taking a break. I would like to match up our schedules as soon as we can to begin working on Big Bang’s album.”

He added, “Once the world tour finishes this year, we’re planning to work on Big Bang’s album aggressively.”

Source & Translated by: MWAVE


A guy who likes Samsung but is using an iphone


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120928 Singapore Alive Tour - Seungri beatboxing! YB rapping and Dae ad-libbing Crayon


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